Then Join A Team !

Hey yea ...Hey Yea...Calling all Knights & Ladies!
A Multitude of Volunteers are needed ... even if you don't live in Oklahoma City!
Here are some things you can do that will help make the reunion the best ever:

       *Help Locate A Lost Classmate!!!
      * Fire up your computer & help the Social Media Team
      * Help Find another lost Classmate!!!
      * Create Name Tags from yearbook pictures.
      * Be a detective and find TWO lost Classmates!
      * Help with Set up: Friday  4PM @ The Waterford  
      *Help with Set up: Saturday 5PM @ The Wheel  
      *Take a brief shift at The Registration Table ...
            and... Help Locate MORE Lost Classmates!!!   
If you are interested in sharing your time & talents please send an email to Sir Bedivere:

Thanks! We'll See You June 1 & 2, 2018!!