We Will Remember These
Knights and Ladies
From the Class of 1968

The NWC classmates listed here are no longer with us, but they all will be remembered for their Smiles, Laughter, Friendship and Contributions to our Class. Some complete obituaries may be read by clicking on the "classmate obituaries" tab on the left.

Confirmed death dates are shown. If you know of a date not shown, please contact Sir Bedivere. Thank you.


Shirley Afinowicz 11/2017
Steve Amos     1/19/1985
Kathy Banks
Paul Barbee      9/23/2012
Marsha Barnett
Grady Bateman   2/23/2016
Linda k. Bell     1/27/2013
Kathy Benson
Teeanna Biles
Doug Brill     11/12/2006
Nancy Jesseph Coffey    12/14/2013
Sandy Berousek Council   3/13/2000
Tom Brady     4/8/1998
J.B. Burleson
George Butts   7/14/1969
Steven G. Carson
Beola Clayton   2008
Georgeann Collins Acker     8/26/2007
James Dolan
Gloria Fant     11/14/2003
Robert "Tink" Fleming     1/25/2008
John Gardener    1/7/2015
Tim Gordon
Tom Greenhaw
Richard Griggs
Stephen Craig Harcourt 5/10/17
Robert Eddie Harms 1/12/2012
Patty Hartman
Craig Howard Hicks     12/3/2010
Janet Hindes     11/2/1999
Linda Huffman
Nancy Jesseph Coffey 12/14/2013
Gerald Johnson
Susan Lowe-Deason     6/1/2005
Frank McGregor   5/1/2015
Sherry Lang Meek    2/14/2014
Roy Mote 11/4/16
Olan Nystrom   5/13/1999

Doug Polk     12/19/1999
Meredith Riddles
Tom Schell
Robert Schneider
James Smith
Linda Smith
Sally Steele     4/7/2007
Phil Spaulding
Roger Spear
Monte Stone 6/10/17
Van Temple     12/2/2008
Julian Thompson   9/22/17
Richard Varnell    1/17/18
Debbie Vaughn     1/7/2014
Vickie Vaughan     3/15/1976
Patrick Wadley
Janice Weber     3/1/1983
Mark Whitney     1/4/2004
Jack Willis
Terry Willson     2/26/2012
Steve Wilmoth     8/22/2003
Logan Wright-Newmark   12/4/14
Tom Zachritz     6/11/2001
Susan Lowe-Deason burial marker
Memorial Park Cemetery, OKC